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Child support order modifications in Connecticut

It is safe to say that most divorced parents in Connecticut live in a fluid financial state, meaning that circumstances can change at a moment's notice. The law addresses these sometimes-changing situations by allowing parents to modify court orders such as child support. This allows parents to continue working together to support their children while also giving one or both parents a chance to improve their situations.

Many of our clients do not know that they can request a child support order modification from the court. They mistakenly believe that they are locked into their original court orders until their kids are adults. While the court will not grant child support modifications on a whim, it will grant them if the circumstances warrant the changes.

Connecticut ranks 18th for overall happiness level

While the United States divorce rate has been stated as around 50 percent of all marriages, there are some areas of the country that have fewer divorces than others. While the reasons for fewer divorces may not be obvious, one thing that you can see is where people are living when they have fewer divorces. Interestingly, Connecticut is a state where fewer divorces take place.

Thanks to its low divorce rate and other statistics, Connecticut has hit the news as a state ranked among the happiest in the United States. There were many factors that went into the research that showed each state's happiness level. After considering them all, Connecticut came out in the top 20.

Can I waive my right to alimony when divorcing in Connecticut?

The shortest answer to this question is yes. However, a good lawyer with divorce experience will caution you against this unless you are very well off financially. As in all areas of divorce, you should consider the spousal support option very carefully before you dismiss it outright.

Why is it so important to consider alimony? Because how your new life as a single person goes may very well depend upon it. As you may already know, even well-laid plans will often go awry. Even if you believe you have created a balanced financial plan to support yourself after divorce, it is wise to take a second look at your options. A great way to do so is by consulting with a lawyer who can help you look over your finances with an impartial perspective.

What forms are required for a high-asset divorce with kids?

As you likely already know, divorcing with kids is not as straightforward as divorcing without them. This is so in both high-asset divorces and in divorces with few assets. If you plan to forego attorney representation and do the work yourself, you will face an array of forms to file -- more of them than you would have to file when divorcing without children.

Like other states, Connecticut courts have placed a focus on the protection and care of children during divorce. Some of the required forms deal with children's issues and are in place to assist parents in meeting their child's best needs. You can find a list of all required divorce forms on government websites, but for your convenience, here are some the forms required if you have children.

  • Form JD-FM-158, Notice of Automatic Court Orders
  • Form JD-FM-164, Affidavit Concerning Children
  • Form JD-FM-163, Case Management Agreement/Order
  • Form JDP-FM-151, List of Approved Programs for Mandatory Parenting Education Program
  • Form JD-FM-149, Parenting Education Program Order, Certificate and Results
  • Form CCSG -1, Child Support Guideline Worksheet
  • Form JD-FM-71, Advisement of Rights

What kind of professionals will strengthen my high asset divorce?

Almost no divorce is easy. Legal issues can arise in all areas of divorce from child custody and support to alimony and property division. However, a high asset divorce is particularly prone to conflicts and disputes that can escalate into an all-out battle. Such a battle puts you in a vulnerable position regarding your divorce, your overall finances and your emotional well-being.

You may have heard about other high asset divorces in Connecticut that involved a "team of professionals" to help ensure a favorable outcome. An experienced and understanding divorce attorney is always a valuable member of this team.

Unfair alimony payouts? A lawyer can help you find balance

In most online posts about alimony, the focus is placed on the receiving spouse, which can leave those who must pay alimony feeling overlooked. There is a good reason for such a tight focus, as spousal support is truly necessary in many cases. However, as family law attorneys, we understand that there are times when the spouse ordered to pay alimony gets the short end of the stick.

If you are making payments that you cannot afford, we want you to know that the laws in Connecticut can work to your advantage. In cases of unbalanced spousal support awards, or if your financial situation has changed, a lawyer can help you seek modifications. By going through this process legally, you stand a very good chance of achieving an alimony modification that takes your needs and your situation into account.

How child custody can affect your child's education

The start of school is just around the corner. Many newly divorced couples have not given much thought to the educational issues that can arise after a marriage has ended. It may even feel like school is the one thing that will remain the same for the children after a divorce.

It is true that for some divorced couples and their children, no educational issues will arise. However, parents should prepare themselves for at least a small disruption to be on the safe side. Doing so will help both of you make any change or transition as smooth as possible for your kids.

Does child support cover education expenses in Connecticut?

One of the best ways to look at child support is as the means to provide for children. It is not a fee paid to the custodial parent and it is not a means of imposing hardships on the noncustodial parent. In an ideal situation, both parents contribute to the care of their children and they understand that child support is for the kids and the kids alone.

Another important point for parents to know is that child support covers a wide range of expenses outside of the basic necessities like food, clothing and shelter. Child support is crucial in paying for regular health care, a child's entertainment needs, extracurricular activities and expenses related to education.

Can my spouse claim a portion of my legal settlement in divorce?

This is a very important question to ask regarding property division in the state of Connecticut. Unfortunately, it is difficult to provide a precise answer because many factors will come into play before the court will make a decision.

For example, if you have received a personal injury settlement and are planning a divorce, the court will look at whether or not you have commingled your settlement funds with your marital property. The term commingling means mixing your personal assets with your marital assets.

Alimony: To accept it or to refuse it, a personal choice

Your first reaction to the title of our blog post might be to wonder why anyone would refuse to accept alimony. We want you to consider a couple of things on the topic before you decide it is a ridiculous concept.

Before we get started, we want to stress the importance of considering alimony if you happen to be in a difficult spot financially. These payments can put you back on your feet after divorce and help you start a new chapter of your life.

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