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Think of divorce as a business decision

People often think about divorce as an emotional decision. They talk about how they just don't love each other anymore or how hurt or disappointed they are. They mention feeling angry, bitter, happy or relieved. All cases are different, but emotions and feelings tend to dominate as they look at the relational side of the split.

It's not that you won't feel emotional during or just after a divorce, but it's much better to think of the divorce process as being akin to a business decision. You do not want to let your emotions sway your reasoning and decision-making or get so caught up in how you feel that you make fundamental mistakes.

For instance, some people think of property division as a way to get back at their ex or carry on a feud over everything that went wrong in the marriage. They waste their time and energy fighting over pointless, low-value assets just because they know the other person wants them.

You're far better off to consider which marital assets would actually be best for you and your financial future. Think rationally and carefully about every decision. Don't let your emotions cloud your thought process or lead you to do things that you're going to regret down the line.

This, of course, is often much easier said than done. Divorce is never an emotion-free process, and that's all right. As long as you make wise decisions and remain aware of all the legal options you have, you can be sure to make the right decisions that will put your future ahead of anything else.

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