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High Asset Divorce Archives

Anyone can start an offshore account

In the lead-up to your divorce, a family friend warns you that one of the more common ways that people try to hide assets is by putting them into offshore bank accounts. They then "forget" to disclose those assets, which don't show up on their traditional bank statements. The friend advises you to carefully look into all potential places where assets could be held so that you get your fair share.

The downsides of a post-divorce family vacation

Have you read the stories about celebrity couples going on vacation together after they get divorced? Maybe you think it sounds like an excellent idea. You and your ex had always talked about taking the kids to Europe for a few months over the summer. Why not do it together? Then you don't have to fight over custody time, you both get to stay involved, and you can make some great memories that the children will cherish.

Why do successful, rich people get divorced?

If you read enough divorce analysis papers, you'll find that a lack of money often leads to divorce. It just creates too much financial stress. The marriage cannot take it. Trying to live off the income of one person who makes minimum wage slowly ruins that relationship.

What is the 'bird's nest' co-parenting plan?

Imagine an eagle's nest. You have two adult birds and some eaglets chirping away in the nest. Mother eagle and father eagle go out hunting for food, and they share in their duties. Sometimes, father eagle comes home with a fish and carefully feeds it to the babies. Other times, it's mother eagle who comes home with a rodent to give them. The parents are doing their own things separately. At the same time, everything revolves around the kids.

Don’t be tempted to defend yourself when asking for a divorce

You've mulled over this decision for the last five years, and you've finally come to the choice. You're going to get a divorce, whether your spouse likes it or not. In fact, at this point, it really wasn't a choice but a need. You can't live in this relationship anymore – and now you have to leave it.

Big changes to 1 spouse's appearance could be a sign of divorce

There are numerous "signs and symptoms" of divorce. One sign that your marriage could be coming to a close is difficult to miss – a lack of communication and emotional and physical intimacy. However, it's common for couples to go through ups and downs when it comes to their relationships like this. What might not be common for a "healthy marriage," however, is when there are communication and intimacy breakdowns that are accompanied by radical adjustments in one spouse's appearance, activities and habits.

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