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How much child support goes unpaid?

Your ex has missed the last three child support payments. There's always an excuse, but you're fed up already. You need that money to take care of your child. The court ordered your ex to pay. It feels drastically unfair for him or her to hold that money back for any reason.

When a child support order is not working

Child support in Connecticut is figured using a child support calculator. The calculator uses both parents' income, the number of children involved and the amount of time each parent has the children. It then runs a mathematical calculation to determine the amounts owed. The smaller parental amount is deducted from the largest, and the remainder is the child support still owed by the other parent.

Can a Connecticut child support order include college expenses?

Parents everywhere know that just because children reach the age of maturity, it does not necessarily mean they no longer require financial support. Like other states, the age of maturity in Connecticut is 18 and most people at this age are able to work and become self-sufficient. However, if a mature child attends college, especially on a full-time basis, they may need parental help in paying for these expenses.

Child support order modifications in Connecticut

It is safe to say that most divorced parents in Connecticut live in a fluid financial state, meaning that circumstances can change at a moment's notice. The law addresses these sometimes-changing situations by allowing parents to modify court orders such as child support. This allows parents to continue working together to support their children while also giving one or both parents a chance to improve their situations.

Does child support cover education expenses in Connecticut?

One of the best ways to look at child support is as the means to provide for children. It is not a fee paid to the custodial parent and it is not a means of imposing hardships on the noncustodial parent. In an ideal situation, both parents contribute to the care of their children and they understand that child support is for the kids and the kids alone.

Finding the right help when you cannot pay your child support

Even in the most advantageous of circumstances—an intact family with two parents working at good jobs—it can still be hard to make ends meet. When divorce enters the picture and child support issues land on the table, things can take a fast turn to utter chaos.

The true importance of financially supporting your child

Despite being attorneys, we sometimes believe that the moment child support becomes a legal issue, it turns into a negative for all involved. Think of it this way: Any legal matter from a simple traffic ticket to a life-changing family law issue puts people on guard almost instantly. They often become defensive instead of proactive. Even worse, the focus often becomes winning a battle instead of finding a solution.

Child support shouldn't be viewed as a burden

In our recent blog post, we discussed how child support is crucial in cases involving children who have divorced or separated parents. This financial support helps to ensure that the child has everything he or she needs, including food and clothing. When you are ordered to pay child support, you might scoff at the thought of having to hand over money to your ex. While this is common, you should think about how your support benefits your child.

Child support is something that helps the children

Child support is important for children because it helps to give them the things they need. When you and your child's other parent aren't together any longer, one parent will usually have to pay child support to the parent who has the child the majority of the time. There are several factors that go into determining how much child support must be paid.

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