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Don't make these mistakes when divorcing

Getting a divorce is an important, life-changing event. The divorce process won't last forever before your new life begins. Now you will have to live with the actions you have taken and the decisions you and your ex have made. Below are some mistakes that you should avoid during the divorce process if at all possible:

Mistakes to avoid in a high asset divorce

All divorces come with the risk of making mistakes. However, in a high asset divorce, avoiding mistakes can make all the difference in one party receiving a fair settlement. The problem for many Connecticut residents is that they do not know what a mistake is and what is not a mistake. This is especially true for those who have never experienced a divorce.

Connecticut ranks 18th for overall happiness level

While the United States divorce rate has been stated as around 50 percent of all marriages, there are some areas of the country that have fewer divorces than others. While the reasons for fewer divorces may not be obvious, one thing that you can see is where people are living when they have fewer divorces. Interestingly, Connecticut is a state where fewer divorces take place.

What forms are required for a high-asset divorce with kids?

As you likely already know, divorcing with kids is not as straightforward as divorcing without them. This is so in both high-asset divorces and in divorces with few assets. If you plan to forego attorney representation and do the work yourself, you will face an array of forms to file -- more of them than you would have to file when divorcing without children.

What kind of professionals will strengthen my high asset divorce?

Almost no divorce is easy. Legal issues can arise in all areas of divorce from child custody and support to alimony and property division. However, a high asset divorce is particularly prone to conflicts and disputes that can escalate into an all-out battle. Such a battle puts you in a vulnerable position regarding your divorce, your overall finances and your emotional well-being.

Avoiding mistakes in a Connecticut high asset divorce

As divorce attorneys serving residents in the Hartford region of Connecticut, we have assisted many couples with valuable assets. We see two approaches to wealth by these individuals: One group frets over the finances constantly to make sure everything adds up as it should; the other group tends not to pay that much attention because they assume they will always have access to the funds they need.

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