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Posts tagged "Property division"

Dividing assets? Avoid uncertainty by staying out of court

Connecticut is an equitable distribution state, which means that your marital property will be divided fairly but not necessarily equally. This can work well for couples who earn incomes of varying levels or who put in different amounts of money into the relationship.

Who gets the engagement ring? There's no easy answer

If you give someone an engagement ring, is it your right to ask for it back if you break off the engagement or decide to later get a divorce? This is something many people question, and there isn't actually an easy answer. Courts often disagree on who the engagement ring should belong to, and there are multiple factors to consider.

Can I keep the family home in my divorce?

Both spouses usually own the family home together as a part of the marital estate. This can leave the question of who will stay in the family residence somewhat unclear. Since a home is usually worth over a hundred thousand dollars — often several hundred thousand dollars — allowing one spouse to keep the residence may not even be possible.

Should you buy a house together if you're not married?

If you and your significant other are unmarried but live together, you may still build up a collection of assets that you've purchased together. Unlike in a marriage, your assets aren't immediately divisible based on your shared interests, though, if you choose to separate.

Division of 401(k) assets and retirement plans in a divorce

When it comes to things that spouses have disputes about in a divorce, it might surprise you to know that the top three are alimony, retirement accounts and business interests. Alimony ranks 83 percent, retirement accounts 62 percent and business interests 60 percent.

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