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Can you receive inherited property in a divorce?

When a couple goes through a divorce, anything considered marital property is usually divided fairly between both partners. A person's inheritance is usually considered separate property, but there are circumstances in Connecticut where a spouse could receive part of another spouse's inheritance.

Division of assets in divorce calls for full inventory

Connecticut is home to many wealthy couples who have often accumulated expensive real estate and artwork during their marriage. These spouses as well as others who are going through a divorce are advised to consider other less-obvious assets as part of the marital property division process that can be as important as the issues of spousal support and child custody.

Dealing with life insurance policy division after a divorce

When a spouse has an insurance policy in Connecticut, whether the policy is subject to distribution between both spouses in the event of a divorce depends on a variety of factors. First of all, Connecticut uses equitable division rather than a community property system. Another factor is the type of policy that it is. A final factor in determining whether the policy is subject to the property division agreement is the intent of the policy.

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