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The effects of shared custody on children

While custody arrangements are often a controversial subject for divorcing Connecticut parents, a recently-published study that was conducted in Sweden shows evidence that children do better when they spend time living with both parents. While it is a commonly-held belief that shared custody arrangements are more stressful to children due to frequent moves, the study showed that this is not necessarily the case. In fact, children in shared custody arrangements showed fewer psychosomatic problems than children who lived exclusively with one parent.

Understanding the law surrounding interstate custody disputes

Connecticut parents interested in information about custody and visitation issues may wish to know more about how interstate custody issues are handled. These disputes usually fall under one law that has been adopted by most of the country's jurisdictions.

Things to keep in mind when moving with children post-divorce

The divorce process can be very painful for both parties, but it can become even more delicate and sensitive when children are involved. It isn't uncommon after a divorce for one parent to consider moving back to the area in which they grew up or where they have family. If one of the parents is then considering relocation after the divorce, it can also impact custody and visitation agreements. There are some things that should be kept in mind if considering relocating with a child after a divorce.

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