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Marital assets that are often overlooked during divorce

Heading into a divorce in Connecticut without a good understanding of assets and liabilities in the marriage could place a spouse at a serious disadvantage. It may be wise to take time to evaluate one's most immediate needs at the outset so that during discussions about the division of property, attention can be placed on seeking those assets that best facilitate a smoother transition into a separate life.

Including retirement funds during the asset-division process

When couples decide to dissolve their marriage, they often dispute what is fair in regard to property division and what is reasonable with respect to spousal support. For this reason, Connecticut couples thinking about divorce might be interested in ways to obtain a favorable divorce settlement as recommended by authorities on the matter.

Stock options and restricted stock present challenges in divorce

Many Connecticut couples know that dividing property in a divorce can be a challenging process. Even if the assets only consist of a house, some savings and retirement accounts, the property division process can be complex. Marital property division becomes even more complicated when assets like restricted stock or stock options are involved. Stock options represent the opportunity to buy company stock at a fixed price regardless of the current market price. Restricted stock are shares of a company that have been granted as compensation but cannot be sold until certain conditions are met.

Division of assets in divorce calls for full inventory

Connecticut is home to many wealthy couples who have often accumulated expensive real estate and artwork during their marriage. These spouses as well as others who are going through a divorce are advised to consider other less-obvious assets as part of the marital property division process that can be as important as the issues of spousal support and child custody.

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