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How child custody can affect your child's education

The start of school is just around the corner. Many newly divorced couples have not given much thought to the educational issues that can arise after a marriage has ended. It may even feel like school is the one thing that will remain the same for the children after a divorce.

Should my children help decide our child custody arrangements?

If you are talking and asking questions about child custody, then you already know that all divorce proceedings affect children. If you are like so many other parents of Connecticut, then you want to minimize the anxiety your children may feel about divorce and child custody. Giving them a voice is one way to accomplish this, but it is important to make sure they can handle this responsibility.

Child custody and the Connecticut Safe Haven law

Even in the very best of times, we understand that parenting a child can be challenging. When someone who is too young, unmarried or completely ill-equipped to parent has a baby, the challenges may become overwhelming. This can lead to rash decisions made in the heat of sheer panic.

Child custody matters must take your child's needs into account

We recently discussed what happens with child custody matters when you and your have an adopted child. If you recall, the fact that the child was adopted doesn't change anything at all in the child custody process. You and your ex still have to go through everything just the same as you would for any other child.

Domestic violence can impact child custody cases

Marriages that include domestic violence are often filled with lies and secrets. When the victim decides to leave, there are a lot of variables that come into the picture. Divorce is one of these variables. Either side might file for divorce, but once this happens, it starts a series of events.

Put virtual visits to work for long-distance parenting

When you aren't in the same area as your child, spending time with the child can be difficult. Decades ago, you would have had to rely solely on phone calls or letters to build a relationship with the child if you didn't live close enough for frequent visits. With the current technology available, you can rely on virtual visitation to give you a chance to interact with your child on a regular basis between the in-person visits.

Mediation for child custody is sometimes an option

You are probably used to making most of the decisions about your child's upbringing. When you and your child's other parent aren't in a relationship, you will have to work with that parent to make these decisions. In some cases, who makes which decisions is covered in the child custody order.

Give child custody matters careful consideration

Divorce is a stressful time for everyone involved. This is especially true for the children involved. These precious little ones are having their entire world turned upside down because their parents couldn't get along any longer. When there are children involved, parents should try to get the kids some sort of stability as quickly as possible.

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