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Posts tagged "Child custody"

Task force hears family concerns on cost of custodial decisions

In January, a Connecticut task force appointed to study problems in family court and child custody cases began releasing recommendations to state lawmakers. Among them was a proposal that the courts limit legal costs to families, specifically the fees paid to court-appointed child guardians.

Woman arrested after kidnapping children

Some Connecticut residents may have heard about the child abduction case involving the 32-year-old woman who violated her custody agreement and fled to Europe with her two children. Authorities now say the mother has been located and arrested in the French town of Divonne les Bains. The two fathers arrived in France shortly thereafter and were granted full custody by a French court before returning to Los Angeles with their children.

Things to keep in mind when moving with children post-divorce

The divorce process can be very painful for both parties, but it can become even more delicate and sensitive when children are involved. It isn't uncommon after a divorce for one parent to consider moving back to the area in which they grew up or where they have family. If one of the parents is then considering relocation after the divorce, it can also impact custody and visitation agreements. There are some things that should be kept in mind if considering relocating with a child after a divorce.

Family law and fairness

When a Connecticut court decides child custody cases, the judge's overriding concern is supposed to be the best interests of the child or children involved. It may not always seem this way when custody cases are finally resolved. This is often because the law favors granting custody to the biological parents of children whenever possible. Anyone who believes that the best interests of a child are served by granting custody to someone other than the child's biological parent may have to prove that the biological parent presents an imminent danger to the safety and well being of the child.

Family law legal needs

Parents in Connecticut might be interested to hear that although the child support enforcement system makes efforts to collect child support from parents, there is currently no system in place for requiring formal visitation arrangements to be in place between parents. When parents get a divorce, such arrangements are usually established as part of the divorce decree. However, for parents that were never married, formal visitation arrangements are not required as a precondition of receiving government assistance benefits, as is often the case with child support.

Connecticut divorce passes 10-year mark

The divorce case of a former Connecticut financial adviser and his wife has been ongoing for more than 10 years, and it shows no signs of letting up, according to a recent piece. It has seen almost 600 motions and rulings, and evidence presented of insider trading ended up destroying a multibillion-dollar hedge fund. The case has court dates scheduled through the next two months, and it now centers on disputes over child custody and visitation and the payment of expert fees.

Usher's emergency hearing results in no custody changes

Connecticut citizens may be interested to know that an emergency custody hearing called by Usher's ex-wife resulted in no custody changes. Usher maintained his status as the primary parent regarding custody of the divorced couple's two young children when the judge presiding over the case dismissed the emergency motion, stating that the celebrity's aunt was an appropriate caretaker for the two children in Usher's absence.

Working mothers face challenges to getting child custody

Child custody is a concern for families going through divorce. However, many divorcing Connecticut mothers find that societal changes mean moms no longer automatically get custody. Some 70.5 percent of mothers work, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, and 30 percent of working wives out-earn their husbands. When mom is the primary wage earner and dad the primary caretaker, judges increasingly award child custody to the father.

Country singer could face complex property division matters

There are many different issues that couples must work through as they are going through a divorce. Couples in Connecticut with high-value assets may struggle with complex property division matters. Celebrity couples often struggle with these kinds of issues.

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