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Hartford High-Asset Divorce Lawyer

Property division during a divorce can vary greatly depending on your unique situation. In Connecticut, there is no specific state law that governs this process, but rather statutes that require the courts to take certain factors into consideration. These include:

  • Equitable division
  • Employment and education of both spouses
  • Economic status of both spouses
  • Source of the assets (premarital, marital, inherited)
  • Current business valuation and ownership
  • Who will have custody of children
  • Degree of fault in divorce (although Connecticut is a no-fault divorce state, this can still be taken into account for property division)

During a divorce, particularly a high-asset divorce, it is important to have an experienced divorce lawyer on your side who is familiar with the complexities of property division matters

At The O’Neil Law Firm, P.C., we are prepared to assist with all aspects of property division, including those involving high assets or business valuation. With over 30 years of experience, Patricia O’Neil, our firm’s attorney, has dedicated her career to helping people through divorce and other family law issues. She has a solid understanding of the factors to consider in the division of assets, including tax implications, and she is prepared to advise on even the most complex circumstances.

For help with your high-asset divorce, contact us today. We return all calls promptly.

Experienced New Britain Asset Discovery Attorney

During a high-asset divorce, it may be difficult to get a full picture of the shared marital assets. If one spouse is the sole earner of a relationship, the other may not have knowledge of all shared property. Or, if one spouse is self-employed or owns a business, this can make asset valuation more complex.

Our law firm has extensive experience with asset discovery and other factors during a high-asset divorce. As an experienced attorney, Patricia O’Neil will work thoroughly to ensure all assets are revealed during the property division process, and she will advocate for your interests at every step.

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