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Woman charged with felony after kidnapping her son

If a parent interferes with another's custody rights, they can be held responsible. In some cases, parental kidnapping charges are filed, threatening the parent's right to see the child at all or without supervision.

An Oct. 10 report describes a woman fleeing with her child after she was limited by child welfare agents to only weekly supervised visits with her son. She now faces felony charges for kidnapping him from a local Plainville daycare and attempting to flee to California.

Child support: Do you have to follow state guidelines?

If you and your spouse can work out child support payments on your own, then you should know that you don't necessarily have to go by the state's guidelines. However, it's important to know how much your child should get and why.

Most people who pay child support pay out around 17 percent of their income for a single child. This raises for each additional child. For people with lower incomes, coming up with 17 percent of their income for support could be difficult, and the courts do have special arrangements for those who qualify. However, no one should really go without paying support in some way.

Dividing assets? Avoid uncertainty by staying out of court

Connecticut is an equitable distribution state, which means that your marital property will be divided fairly but not necessarily equally. This can work well for couples who earn incomes of varying levels or who put in different amounts of money into the relationship.

When you are getting a divorce, you need to make sure that you know every asset in your possession that is of value. You should write down every asset you can think of and provide this list to your attorney. You may wish to hire a forensic accountant. This professional has the ability to look for hidden or missing assets, which may play a significant role in your case.

How much support is too much? Protecting your lifestyle

While many people wonder how they can get more child support, some people actually have a different problem. That problem is receiving too much. How much child support is too much child support? It's a sincere question that should be answered.

When child support requirements increase, there is no question that it puts a strain on one of the two parents. While child support is based on income and means, it doesn't mean that paying child support is easy.

Changes in tax laws bring alimony to the spotlight

As of 2019, alimony is going to be changing during tax season. After 2018, anyone who enters into a divorce will no longer be able to deduct alimony from their taxes. Those who receive alimony will not be taxed on it.

This is good for the people receiving alimony since they will pay less in taxes, but it is negative overall. It could have a serious impact on the amount of alimony a person is able to receive due to the person paying being taxed.

Does alimony have a place in modern divorces?

One thing many people asked in today's world is if alimony has a place in modern divorces. Unlike divorces in the past, alimony is not needed to support a woman or spouse who does not work. In the past, it was expected that mothers would stay home with their children while men went to work. Today, that's not always the case.

Although society has changed, alimony still has a place. Instead of being permanent, like it may have been in the past, it is typically awarded as a temporary financial support. People who receive alimony have generally been in longer-term relationships, may need the financial support to go back to school, have enough time to find a supportive job or to provide a buffer as they work to live a similar lifestyle as they did in the marriage.

Who gets the engagement ring? There's no easy answer

If you give someone an engagement ring, is it your right to ask for it back if you break off the engagement or decide to later get a divorce? This is something many people question, and there isn't actually an easy answer. Courts often disagree on who the engagement ring should belong to, and there are multiple factors to consider.

One thing to think about is the intention of the ring. Is it truly a gift? In a way, but it's also a conditional gift for some. For instance, it's unlikely that anyone would receive an engagement ring without agreeing to marry. However, in some cases, someone may say that the recipient may keep the ring. It's not usually those cases that end up in court.

Busy parents: Consider third-party custody arrangements

Child-custody deliberations are always some of the most intense in divorces. Both parents generally want to have a say, and they may have good reasons for wanting the schedules they propose. Even in well-meaning negotiations, there can be struggles with custody because of both parents needing to work and the difficulties of making sure their child has care at the appropriate times.

Parents who are in this position may not be sure what they should do, but there are a few things you could consider. Here are two tips for "filling the gap" when parents can't be there.

You can protect digital assets during your marriage and divorce

Digital assets may be an important part of your divorce. If that's the case, then you need to know how to protect them. For many people, protecting digital assets starts before marriage.

Prior to getting married, you can seek digital asset protection through a prenuptial agreement. If you're already married, then a postnuptial agreement may be an option for you. In either case, the goal is to make sure digital assets are kept separate or protected in the case of an eventual divorce.

Angelina Jolie accuses Brad Pitt of not paying child support

When you think about divorce, one of the issues that may pop into your mind is child support. When a couple has a child or children together, there is a high likelihood that one parent will need to pay support. That's the case even when both people are independently wealthy.

Why? It's because the wealth isn't the point. The point is that both parents are supposed to care for and provide support for their children. That means that people worth millions can still receive child support from their spouses.

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