Taking the right steps away from an auto accident

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You were driving home on 84 like any other day when a car came out of nowhere and made this a day like no other. Now you’re gripping the wheel, staring at the damage. It can be hard to know what to do next.

Car accidents and injuries are on the rise, and sometimes it’s easy to see why when you’re driving around Hartford. No matter the cause, there are a lot of things to handle in the minutes and months after the impact.

Handling the moments after a wreck

Getting in a car accident can be a traumatic experience, but there are a few simple steps you should take:

  • Get clear: Make sure you’re clear of any danger immediately following an accident.
  • Call the authorities: You should call the authorities, especially if there has been severe damage or injuries.
  • Get evidence: Collect evidence you can use when filing claims. Take pictures, make notes and gather eyewitness accounts to ensure your ability to represent the incident accurately.
  • Exchange information: Cordially swap information with the other driver. Get their name, contact information and insurance provider. Make sure you don’t make any admittance of guilt.

Dealing with things down the road

Even if you want to leave the incident behind you, you’ll still have things to do in the following days:

  • Medical treatment: Make sure you address any injuries that need further attention. Avoiding help could lead to a worsening condition and make it harder to get compensation later.
  • Administrative tasks: Compiling medical information and damage estimates, filing a report with the police and preparing insurance documentation are just some of the things you’ll likely be required to do.
  • Legal counsel: Getting a lawyer after an accident can be an important step. Proper representation can help you work with your insurance provider, manage the necessary paperwork and prepare for any court filings.

From the moment the other car connected with yours, your to-do list grew by a mile. Make sure you understand the ensuing steps to take care of yourself and your responsibilities after an accident.


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