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October 2014 Archives

Connecticut post-divorce alimony modifications

In Connecticut, alimony awards are court orders that must be followed. They are designed to provide for the support of one party by the other's making periodic payments to him or her for a given amount of time. A person who is ordered to pay alimony cannot simply stop doing so without first obtaining a modification of the original order.

What are the child support guidelines in Connecticut?

Some parents in Connecticut may benefit from learning more about the child support guidelines set forth by the state's Judicial Branch. The guidelines consist of the schedule, worksheet, principles and rulesthat are used to accurately account the amount of child support. Judges use these guidelines when modifying or establishing permanent and temporary orders. There are several purposes state officials had in mind in establishing these guidelines.

Can you receive inherited property in a divorce?

When a couple goes through a divorce, anything considered marital property is usually divided fairly between both partners. A person's inheritance is usually considered separate property, but there are circumstances in Connecticut where a spouse could receive part of another spouse's inheritance.

Filing for child custody in Connecticut

In Connecticut, either parent of a child or children may file for custody whether the parents were previously married or not. The process is initiated by completing and filing a number of forms with the court. Once the forms are correctly filed, the petitioning parent must then have copies served on the other parent by a State Marshal. After process of service has been completed, the petitioner then has to file an affidavit of service with the court showing the other party received copies of the documents.

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