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October 2016 Archives

Alternate ways to pay your child support

You can't just swap out court-ordered child support for things of equal value, which is what some people ordered to pay support want to do. If it's questionable whether your support payments are actually going to support your children, you might want to pay for school activities, medical bills or buy clothing directly instead of handing over money to your ex. If you're ordered to pay child support, you can't take it upon yourself to pay in new jeans and tennis shoes. However, if you are worried about this becoming an issue, you might be able to address it during legal negotiations.

Should you keep copies of alimony payments?

If you are ordered to pay alimony following a divorce, it's a good idea to keep organized records showing your payments. One reason that you might want to keep records is so you can prove that you made timely, appropriate payments. Such evidence could become important if the other person decides to bring the matter to court again or claim that you didn't make your payments.

Are you considering all your property during your divorce?

Property division can be one of the more divisive parts of your divorce, and the more property you have, the more work you might need to put in on the details. While it might seem like a high-asset divorce would be easier because both parties would end up with enough to live on without much worry, that's not always how it works out. In especially heated divorces, one person might be out to "punish" the other person by making a grab for as many of the assets as possible, which means you need to be prepared to protect yourself legally.

Study shows difference in parenting tasks leads to stress for mom

In a study no one is calling surprising, researchers from several universities and organizations have concluded that moms are less happy overall and are more stressed about parenting than dads are. It's important to note that these observations are based on a study that included thousands of parents, but that doesn't mean your specific situation isn't very different than the overall "average" that the study found.

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