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February 2017 Archives

Put virtual visits to work for long-distance parenting

When you aren't in the same area as your child, spending time with the child can be difficult. Decades ago, you would have had to rely solely on phone calls or letters to build a relationship with the child if you didn't live close enough for frequent visits. With the current technology available, you can rely on virtual visitation to give you a chance to interact with your child on a regular basis between the in-person visits.

High-asset divorces are complex but not impossible

Going through a divorce is a life upheaval that many people don't ever want to deal with. When you find yourself in a position that requires you to think about having to work out the terms of a divorce, you should be sure that you carefully consider all of the options you have before you.

Let your divorce propel you to follow your dreams

Going through a divorce has a lot of effects on a person. Even if you are awarded child support and alimony, you might find that you don't have enough to make ends meet. This can make your new life a challenge because you need to support your family while being sure that your children are taken care of. You do have an option at this point that might be feasible for you -- become an entrepreneur.

Know what your spousal support orders require you to do

Understanding your spousal support orders is imperative. As we discussed last week, it has come to light that the nominee for the state auditor position is behind on payments that were due to his ex-wife. He noted that the missed payments were simply a misunderstanding of the agreement. This shows how important it is to ensure that you fully understand what you are ordered to do.

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