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March 2015 Archives

Child support can be collected from Social Security benefits

A parent in Connecticut who is owed back child support by their ex may be able to have the state collect payments from their ex's Social Security benefits. However, if the noncustodial parent only receives Supplemental Security Income, these payments cannot be garnished for unpaid child support because they are legally considered a welfare benefit.

Understanding the law surrounding interstate custody disputes

Connecticut parents interested in information about custody and visitation issues may wish to know more about how interstate custody issues are handled. These disputes usually fall under one law that has been adopted by most of the country's jurisdictions.

What happens to the art when artists divorce?

Property division is often a challenge in divorce cases, but it can be especially difficult when one or both of the divorcing spouses is an artist. Determining the value -- and potential value -- of art produced during the marriage can be a fraught topic for people who have never before had to look at their work as "property," and especially not as the property of a spouse. In states like Connecticut, with equitable distribution, the calculations can be even more complex.

Does filing for bankruptcy affect child support payments?

Connecticut parents who are filing for bankruptcy are not released from their current or past-due child support obligations as a result of the bankruptcy filing. Child support obligations are a form of debt that in general cannot be discharged as part of the bankruptcy process.

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