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July 2014 Archives

Howard asks judge to change divorce settlement

Connecticut couples who are planning to get divorced may want to pay close attention to what is going on in the proceedings involving the motion picture actor Terrence Howard. Howard asked a judge to throw out the divorce settlement with his ex-wife because he doesn't have the money to pay $135,000 in spousal support. Though Howard has starred in numerous films and even been nominated for an Oscar, he claims he lives on less than $6,000 a month.

Parents face charges for failing to pay child support

For Connecticut custodial parents who receive child support, it may be difficult to raise children without that assistance. When a paying parent ceases to pay child support, it can create great financial hardship for the family. In some instances, paying parents allegedly do not have enough money to properly pay child support. While this is true for some parents, others lie or misrepresent income in order to avoid their obligations.

Challenges with divorces and mortgages

When it comes to Connecticut divorces, real estate tends to be a couple's most valuable asset. The underlying mortgage can continue to affect the party who moves out, so it is vital for people to take the proper steps to protect themselves from future problems. The first thing to keep in mind is that lenders are not bound by divorce decrees. As long as both parties have their name on the mortgage, the lender can hold both of them responsible for payments. This makes it more difficult for one to buy another house in the future, and it can also result in poor credit ratings if the person that remains in the home does not make the payments.

Including retirement funds during the asset-division process

When couples decide to dissolve their marriage, they often dispute what is fair in regard to property division and what is reasonable with respect to spousal support. For this reason, Connecticut couples thinking about divorce might be interested in ways to obtain a favorable divorce settlement as recommended by authorities on the matter.

Former baseball team owner awarded $1.9 million

Individuals in Connecticut who are involved in a contentious divorce may be interested in a recent ruling in the case of Frank McCourt, the former owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers. McCourt, who had been married for almost 30 years, reached a divorce settlement with his former wife in 2012. However, the woman contested the settlement after McCourt sold the Major League Baseball team to another party for $2 billion.

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