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January 2014 Archives

Shared parenting may become more popular

When couples divorce, they have many issues that they must settle before they can truly part ways. They may have to reach an agreement regarding marital property. They may also try to reach an agreement on custody for their children. Connecticut is following suit with many other states that are considering making changes to how custody is awarded, specifically toward shared parenting.

Man incarcerated due to child support error

A Texas man has been recently required to serve six months in jail as a result of a clerical error in his child support payments. The system is automated and somehow produced an error that, when discovered was repaid immediately, but to no avail. The bill amounted to $3,000 and was repaid quickly but still ended in a jail term. The laws of many states, including Connecticut, provide for potential incarceration if a child support order is not complied with.

Ways to protect your assets in a divorce

Many Connecticut residents may be interested in a recent article that discussed ways to protect your assets during a potential divorce. According to the author, while the new year is often a time for instituting new resolutions and goals, many couples around the nation are also deciding to begin their divorce proceedings; more than 800,000 divorces are filed every year in the U.S. While some divorces can indeed be amicable, if a contentious divorce does occur, parties can work to prepare for the division of assets ahead of time.

Woman arrested after kidnapping children

Some Connecticut residents may have heard about the child abduction case involving the 32-year-old woman who violated her custody agreement and fled to Europe with her two children. Authorities now say the mother has been located and arrested in the French town of Divonne les Bains. The two fathers arrived in France shortly thereafter and were granted full custody by a French court before returning to Los Angeles with their children.

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