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August 2013 Archives

Permanent alimony places burden on payers

In several states including Connecticut, the courts are rethinking the concept of permanent alimony, especially as they consider what a woman earns and how job upheavals can affect a husband's income. One 41-year-old man from New Jersey who was ordered to pay lifetime alimony has been taken into custody at least eight times in two years because he couldn't make payments. With former earnings of $1 million annually as an investment manager for a portfolio firm, he suffered when the economy struggled. He feels that court-ordered, lifetime spousal support isn't fair, especially when he doesn't have a job.

Don't let guilt guide your divorce

People in Connecticut who are considering getting a divorce should make sure that they don't let guilt drive their decision-making process. In some cases, people might agree to terms that they might later regret simply because they feel guilty because they are the one ending the marriage or making more money, etc.

Usher's emergency hearing results in no custody changes

Connecticut citizens may be interested to know that an emergency custody hearing called by Usher's ex-wife resulted in no custody changes. Usher maintained his status as the primary parent regarding custody of the divorced couple's two young children when the judge presiding over the case dismissed the emergency motion, stating that the celebrity's aunt was an appropriate caretaker for the two children in Usher's absence.

Prepare for divorce settlement negotiations

Although every divorce case carries different circumstances, each state has different laws regarding them. However, Connecticut residents may be aware that most state laws require assets to be distributed equitably as part of the process. Those seeking a divorce need to prepare for the proceedings in order to increase their chances of getting the fairest settlement possible, especially if they are involved in a high-asset divorce.

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