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December 2016 Archives

Mediation for child custody is sometimes an option

You are probably used to making most of the decisions about your child's upbringing. When you and your child's other parent aren't in a relationship, you will have to work with that parent to make these decisions. In some cases, who makes which decisions is covered in the child custody order.

Give child custody matters careful consideration

Divorce is a stressful time for everyone involved. This is especially true for the children involved. These precious little ones are having their entire world turned upside down because their parents couldn't get along any longer. When there are children involved, parents should try to get the kids some sort of stability as quickly as possible.

What are some mistakes to avoid regarding alimony?

When you're caught up in the heat of a divorce, it can be easy to give into the emotional and mental pressure of the situation. That pressure can lead you to make decisions that seem right in the moment but which are not as helpful down the road. Alimony is often a highly-contested issue in divorce and one area where emotional decision-making can take a toll.

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