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January 2015 Archives

Reasonable visitation in child custody orders

Maintaining healthy connections with each parent and their extended family members can be possible for Connecticut children whose divorced parents can work together to allow reasonable visitation to occur. Reasonable visitation is intended to allow children and the noncustodial parent opportunities to maintain and nurture the relationship, and encourages both parents to keep in contact with each other, create realistic and reasonable visitation dates and times, and be understanding to a non-custodial parent's requests to have the children for meaningful dates and events.

Divorce settlements not as easy as they look

Stephanie Ollie, wife of Connecticut Huskies coach Kevin Ollie, filed for a divorce in November after 16 years of marriage. Both parties agreed that the marriage was over with no possibility of reconciliation. Papers filed show they are seeking joint custody of their two teenage children, child and spousal support for Stephanie Ollie and equal division of their property.

Using a qualified domestics relations order

Connecticut residents may be interested in learning about how a qualified domestic relations order works as it pertains to divorce settlement. In some cases, the court may order than an ex-spouse or dependents may be able to receive part of a 401(k). In this event, the terms of how much they are entitled to and when they will be able to receive payments from the 401(k) will be established in the QDRO.

Billionaire appeals court's high asset divorce decision

Connecticut residents might be aware that billionaire Harold Hamm filed for divorce from his wife after more than 20 years of marriage. Hamm was reportedly worth an estimated $19 billion when he filed for divorce from his wife Sue Ann Arnall. At the time of the proceeding, the court awarded Arnall $1 billion, and Hamm agreed that the decision was fair to both parties. Arnall appealed the decision, claiming that most of his fortune grew after their marriage and that she deserved a larger settlement.

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