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March 2016 Archives

Former owner of Dodgers wants women financially empowered

There are three pieces of advice that Jamie McCourt, the former chief executive officer of the Los Angeles Dodgers, wants every woman to have when it comes to being financially literate. First, she says that you must learn how to be self-sufficient. Second, you need to know what you want when it comes to controlling a conversation during divorce. Third, use your best skills to get what you want.

Dividing property during a divorce takes serious consideration

The property division component of a divorce is one of the most complex aspects that occurs, especially when there are considerable assets that must be divided. Only the child custody matter of divorce might prove to be more complex. When it comes to property division, it is easy to go into the divorce with a hard plan about what you think you should have. You should make sure that you keep an open mind throughout the property division process because there are factors that you might not have considered. We can help you to learn all you need to know about property division in Connecticut.

Can a parent be made to see his or her children?

As if a divorce wasn't difficult enough on the children involved, when one parent seems to avoid seeing his or her children, it can really have a negative effect on those kids. You can't make someone see one's children. There are ways, though, to make the visitation schedule easier for him or her to see the kids.

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