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April 2013 Archives

Country singer could face complex property division matters

There are many different issues that couples must work through as they are going through a divorce. Couples in Connecticut with high-value assets may struggle with complex property division matters. Celebrity couples often struggle with these kinds of issues.

Electronic communications can be used as ammo in family law cases

People communicate much differently than they did in the past. Most people haven't written a handwritten letter in years. A lot of people rely solely on their cell phones and no longer have a landline. The use of social media and other electronic forms of communication have exploded in recent years.

Actress calls it quits after two decades with her husband

Even though some couples have been together for years, they may come to find out that they cannot remain married. Connecticut residents are likely familiar with Jane Seymour. The former star of "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" recently announced that she and her husband are divorcing after 20 years of marriage.

Adjusting to life after divorce

A person's wedding day is often a very special occasion. It is a day that a lot of people look forward to their whole life. However, after the cake has been eaten and the big, white dress has been put away people have to work on their marriage. Some people in Connecticut and beyond may realize at some point that their spouse is not someone they can spend the rest of their life with.

Dangerous habits could impact child custody

Courts will focus primarily on the best interests of the child when determining child custody arrangements. However, resolving child custody disputes isn't always easy. In some instances, one parent may question the other parent's abilities to raise a child. They may even question whether the child will be safe under that parent's care.

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