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February 2015 Archives

The basics of Connecticut custody agreements

A lot of parents can resolve their issues regarding custody and visitation through informal negotiations or an alternative processes such as collaborative law and mediation. These decisions are detailed in a written agreement, which may be called a parenting or custody agreement.

Connecticut marital property division representation

If you are going through a divorce in Connecticut, you may have some concerns about your financial future. At our law firm, we help clients protect their personal property during a divorce and ensure that marital property is divided fairly. We work hard to help people like you work out an agreement about property division that places you in a positive position going forward.

Termination of child support

Confusion can occur regarding when and under what conditions child supports ends. In many states, 18 years old is the age that child support is terminated. However, there are conditions that modify this part of the law. Certain states allow the continuation of support beyond the age of 18 if the child continues to live at home and attends high school. Children with disabilities or special needs often continue to receive child support.

Can a child ask the judge to live with one parent over the other?

During a Connecticut divorce or some time after a family court judge has issued a child custody order, a child might talk about preferring to live with one parent instead of another. Children's wishes are often a factor in custody orders, but judges prioritize children's best interests. Along with the child's preference, judges must consider each parent's ability to meet their child's developmental needs and the child's relationship with each of his or her parents.

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