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June 2015 Archives

Splitting debt in divorce: The other side of property division

Many people getting a divorce focus a great deal of energy on figuring out how to divide their assets, even in divorces that involve high net worth assets. In order to achieve a greater balance when it is all said and done, it would benefit such couples to think about their debt division at least as much as divvying up their assets.

A possible downside of 50/50 child custody

When it comes to creating co-parenting plans and child custody agreements, parents have several options to choose from in Connecticut. One of these options is a 50-50 custody agreement, which means both parents enjoy an equal amount of time parenting their children. When it works, this can be an ideal arrangement for both the children and the parents, but sometimes things do not work out the way parents want them to.

Connecticut spousal support | The other side of the issue

In most cases, the subject of spousal support revolves around the person who receives the support rather than the person responsible for paying. However, in these more modern times, many people charged with paying long-term support wonder when they will ever get a break.

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