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August 2015 Archives

Seek help when unexpected conflicts derail property division

Best-case scenario: You and your spouse are divorcing in Connecticut and it is all smiles and handshakes. You have no arguments with one another and you both agree on every aspect of your divorce, even how to divvy up the marital property. How can anything go wrong?

Should I choose alimony or accept a job offer during divorce?

People say this all the time, because it is true -- divorce is a tough hurdle to face. Along with the emotional side effects, ending a marriage can cause one or both spouses to become worried about their finances. When alimony is an option, it can up the ante even more. The receiving spouse may be in real financial need, with alimony the only clear option for survival. However, sometimes yet one more wrinkle could add to the hard choices spouses must make: A job offer.

Responsibilities if you get custody of your child

While you're in court, fighting for custody of your child in Connecticut, it's sometimes hard to think about anything but the immediate goal at hand: winning that custody battle. If you do, though, it's important to remember that you now have a lot of responsibilities, such as:

Tips for resolving disputes over child support

It is safe to say that many non-custodial Connecticut parents try to make their child support payments every month. At the same time, some do not try very hard, perhaps due to having a low-income or even no job at all. Connecticut courts impose penalties for those who do not pay, but it can still be a problem. Sometimes, the right solution is working with the parent responsible for child support instead of working against him or her.

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