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March 2019 Archives

The downsides of a post-divorce family vacation

Have you read the stories about celebrity couples going on vacation together after they get divorced? Maybe you think it sounds like an excellent idea. You and your ex had always talked about taking the kids to Europe for a few months over the summer. Why not do it together? Then you don't have to fight over custody time, you both get to stay involved, and you can make some great memories that the children will cherish.

How to engage with your kids when you have custody

After your divorce, you and your ex plan to share custody of the children. You are well aware that means you will not see them as often as you used to. They may spend every other week with your ex. You may see them just over the weekends. It depends on the specifics of your schedule, but the fact of the matter is that you have less time together.

What can you do if you're worried your ex will abduct the kids?

When you think of children being abducted, odds are that you think of news reports about strangers luring them into vehicles and kidnapping them. While this certainly does happen, do not assume that's the only way it occurs. A lot of abductions are actually carried out by family members, specifically the parents of children after a divorce.

Why do successful, rich people get divorced?

If you read enough divorce analysis papers, you'll find that a lack of money often leads to divorce. It just creates too much financial stress. The marriage cannot take it. Trying to live off the income of one person who makes minimum wage slowly ruins that relationship.

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