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April 2016 Archives

Are you considering filing for divorce?

Many people may think about divorcing their spouse; however, for one reason or another, they never take the first step. Others may feel they are ready to leave, but once the paperwork is filed, a reconciliation occurs. No matter where you might be in the divorce process -- simply thinking about it or in the midst of finalizing it -- divorce can be an emotional, life-altering event.

Overcoming the challenges of co-parenting with your ex

Co-parenting with your ex during or after a divorce is challenging even under the best of circumstances. Even if you and your ex have a cordial and respectful relationship, you're not going to agree on all parenting decisions. You probably didn't even when you were happily married. When you factor two different homes, new boyfriends or girlfriends, new financial challenges and some residual anger or resentment into the mix, those differences can become more significant.

For 1 woman, a part-time dad was better than no dad

Child custody issues are some of the most contentious matters in a divorce. While not the norm anymore, mothers were usually given primary custody in the past. For one woman, having her dad around part-time was better than having no dad at all, although it took her several years to realize that. She said that she realizes that some people won't agree with her analysis, but that is okay with her.

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