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October 2013 Archives

Expert witnesses may aid in a divorce

Couples in Connecticut contemplating getting a divorce might be surprised to hear that expert witnesses can aid them in making their divorce cases. People who are considered experts are those who are trained to offer professional opinions on specific issues. Various types of experts specialize in certain practice areas.

Division of assets in divorce calls for full inventory

Connecticut is home to many wealthy couples who have often accumulated expensive real estate and artwork during their marriage. These spouses as well as others who are going through a divorce are advised to consider other less-obvious assets as part of the marital property division process that can be as important as the issues of spousal support and child custody.

Financial steps to take during divorce

While couples in Connecticut and elsewhere may face challenges as they go through a divorce, it is possible for them to leave the situation while still being financially intact. By being conscientious while working through a division of property, a person can do damage control ahead of time and avoid conflict.

Divorce and real property division

When Connecticut homeowners divorce, the division of marital assets can become fairly complicated. It is not unheard of for someone who has gone through a divorce and signed away legal rights to a home during property division to later discover that they are still on a mortgage and considered responsible for payments by the lender. This can even be the case if someone has sent a copy of the divorce decree to the mortgage holder.

Men and the financial aspects of divorce

Divorce may be just as emotional for Connecticut men as it is for women, even though some men may have a harder time expressing their feelings. There are several things that men should know about divorce that may help them get through the process with enough of their assets to start a new life.

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