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September 2015 Archives

When your engagement ends, what do you do with the ring?

In the vast majority of engagements in Connecticut, an engagement ring is given at the time of the proposal. When that relationship breaks down, leading either to the end of the engagement or to a divorce -- if the parties do follow through and get married -- then what happens to that expensive ring?

What does parental alienation mean in regards to child custody?

The first thing to understand is that parental alienation is not a legal term. Rather it is a by-product of an often bitter and contentious divorce. Parental alienation usually involves putting some kind of distance between a child of divorce and the other parent. Unfortunately, some spouses turn to this unethical and harmful practice as a means of punishing his or her ex. However, using a child as a weapon—consciously or subconsciously—can be extremely damaging to the child instead.

Requirements for modifying a child support order

The child support portion of a divorce can be both contentious and emotionally draining. Typically, both parents feel a strong desire to get the settlement right without feeling they are getting the short end of the stick. In most cases, this leads to a lot of hard work on the part of both parents before a settlement is reached. Parents think they have handled the matter correctly, but sometimes down the road, one parent may feel the need to initiate an action to modify the child support settlement.

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