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December 2014 Archives

Child support and what it covers

As some Connecticut residents may know, child support is meant for more than just essentials. In order to eliminate confusion and define more clearly what child support entails, guidelines have been established in each state to address the subject. Providing for housing, food and clothing may involve using child support for expenses such as rent, mortgage payments and utilities. Expenses associated with education such as child care after school, day care and during vacation breaks from school are covered. The expenses associated with a vehicle needed to transport the child are covered and may include fees to keep the car on the road, such as licensing fees, gasoline, insurance or car payments.

How to modify a Connecticut child support order

Divorced parents often have disputes over the terms contained in a child support order. One parent may believe that the ordered amount is too low, while the other parent may claim that the amount is too high to be feasible. In case of a change in financial circumstances, it may be possible to obtain a modification.

Factors considered in Connecticut custody cases

The best interests of a child refer to the circumstances and actions that foster the emotional and mental development, safety and security of the child. Connecticut is one of 21 states that lists specific factors the court must consider in a child custody case before issuing an order.

Splitting the house in a divorce

When a couple divorces in Connecticut, the process of dividing marital property can become tricky. One of the hardest assets to agree on is the family home. While the most simple solution is to sell the property and split the equity, this may not be an option if one party wants to remain in the home. The spouse who is remaining in the home will want to have a free and clear claim to it moving forward, and the partner who moves out will want to ensure that his or her name is completely removed from this asset in the event that there are future losses or problems.

How to enforce child support in Connecticut

Many families in Connecticut depend on child support payments to be able to meet the expenses of raising a child. Ideally, support checks should begin arriving once the support order is issued. However, for many families, this is not what happens. Often payments are either late or in the incorrect amount or do not arrive at all. In this type of situation, there are several legal paths that can be taken to enforce this obligation.

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