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September 2016 Archives

Asset valuation during divorce: Choosing the date

When you are dealing with property distribution during a divorce, the value of the assets might come into play. If you want two assets and are willing to give up one asset for them, you might do better negotiating or making an argument if you can show the single asset has an equal or higher value than the two you want. Value is also important if you are negotiating buyouts of property or want to sell property and split the proceeds.

How can you help ensure joint custody arrangements succeed?

For many people, once a custody battle is finished and the arrangement is finalized, it can be challenging to make it all work as well as it sounds on paper. Things do change, and not every custody arrangement works out, which is why there are plenty of legal options should you find yourself in such a situation. Don't hesitate to get in touch with a legal professional if you believe your situation can't be resolved without measures of Connecticut law, but consider trying a few steps yourself, too.

Can you replace child support with gifts?

If you are ordered to pay a certain amount of child support, can you substitute that amount with an equal value of clothing, school supplies or other gifts? In most cases, the answer is no. A binding child support order is for a payment of money to the other parent, not a barter of goods, and there are good reasons for such a rule.

Keep career goals in mind during divorce

Chances are, no matter how you divide the marital property during a divorce, you're going to need to keep your job -- or get a job -- to move on effectively with your future. Since divorce can wreak havoc on your entire life, including your professional life, you might want to take some steps to safeguard your career as you work through issues such as property division or custody.

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