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February 2014 Archives

Tax audits can be caused by divorce

Divorcing Connecticut couples going through a divorce may be surprised to discover that, in some cases, the process may end up causing an audit of their tax returns. This is because a judge oversees property division determinations during the proceedings. If the judge becomes aware of hidden assets and other property or earnings that haven't been reported, there is an ethical obligation to report any suspected discrepancies to the IRS. These reported inconsistencies can lead to a tax audit.

Task force hears family concerns on cost of custodial decisions

In January, a Connecticut task force appointed to study problems in family court and child custody cases began releasing recommendations to state lawmakers. Among them was a proposal that the courts limit legal costs to families, specifically the fees paid to court-appointed child guardians.

Cell phone data to prove ex-spouse's cohabitation

In Connecticut, a judge may order either party to a divorce proceeding to pay alimony to the other party. An alimony award is intended to provide support to the divorcing spouse, and is based on a number of factors. A judge may also terminate alimony payments when the party receiving alimony is determined to no longer need spousal support, as is the case when that person remarries or begins cohabiting with a new partner.

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