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January 2019 Archives

What is the 'bird's nest' co-parenting plan?

Imagine an eagle's nest. You have two adult birds and some eaglets chirping away in the nest. Mother eagle and father eagle go out hunting for food, and they share in their duties. Sometimes, father eagle comes home with a fish and carefully feeds it to the babies. Other times, it's mother eagle who comes home with a rodent to give them. The parents are doing their own things separately. At the same time, everything revolves around the kids.

Don’t be tempted to defend yourself when asking for a divorce

You've mulled over this decision for the last five years, and you've finally come to the choice. You're going to get a divorce, whether your spouse likes it or not. In fact, at this point, it really wasn't a choice but a need. You can't live in this relationship anymore – and now you have to leave it.

Alimony and divorce: Who can qualify for these payments?

Everyone who stands a chance to receive alimony is eager to get it, and everyone who stands to pay alimony is not eager to fulfill this financial responsibility. The thing is, these helpful payments are an important part of keeping marriages fair in our society. After all, what would happen if someone was trapped in a toxic marriage and was afraid to leave because he or she had no other way of obtaining financial support?

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