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August 2017 Archives

What forms are required for a high-asset divorce with kids?

As you likely already know, divorcing with kids is not as straightforward as divorcing without them. This is so in both high-asset divorces and in divorces with few assets. If you plan to forego attorney representation and do the work yourself, you will face an array of forms to file -- more of them than you would have to file when divorcing without children.

What kind of professionals will strengthen my high asset divorce?

Almost no divorce is easy. Legal issues can arise in all areas of divorce from child custody and support to alimony and property division. However, a high asset divorce is particularly prone to conflicts and disputes that can escalate into an all-out battle. Such a battle puts you in a vulnerable position regarding your divorce, your overall finances and your emotional well-being.

Unfair alimony payouts? A lawyer can help you find balance

In most online posts about alimony, the focus is placed on the receiving spouse, which can leave those who must pay alimony feeling overlooked. There is a good reason for such a tight focus, as spousal support is truly necessary in many cases. However, as family law attorneys, we understand that there are times when the spouse ordered to pay alimony gets the short end of the stick.

How child custody can affect your child's education

The start of school is just around the corner. Many newly divorced couples have not given much thought to the educational issues that can arise after a marriage has ended. It may even feel like school is the one thing that will remain the same for the children after a divorce.

Does child support cover education expenses in Connecticut?

One of the best ways to look at child support is as the means to provide for children. It is not a fee paid to the custodial parent and it is not a means of imposing hardships on the noncustodial parent. In an ideal situation, both parents contribute to the care of their children and they understand that child support is for the kids and the kids alone.

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