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June 2017 Archives

Finding the right help when you cannot pay your child support

Even in the most advantageous of circumstances—an intact family with two parents working at good jobs—it can still be hard to make ends meet. When divorce enters the picture and child support issues land on the table, things can take a fast turn to utter chaos.

Is it proper for a man to seek alimony?

In a word, the answer to this question is yes. Many people divorcing in Connecticut still do not have a clear idea of alimony's true purpose. It is not a source of free money; it is a system of financial support for ex-spouses. It does not matter if you are male or female, if you need alimony, it is proper to seek it during the divorce process.

The benefits of attorney counsel during property division

It is easy to do some things in life yourself instead of hiring someone else to do them for you. However, as family law attorneys, we do not believe that property division during a divorce is a good candidate for the do-it-yourself approach. This is especially so when a divorce has complications like the presence of valuable assets.

What are some tips for a fair high asset divorce in Connecticut?

The statement that money can complicate anything contains a great deal of truth. You probably already know that divorcing is challenging in and of itself. Add money to the mix and chaos can reign unchecked. For many, it is not about the actual money in a high asset divorce. Rather, it is about fair treatment and not being taken advantage of.

Child custody and the Connecticut Safe Haven law

Even in the very best of times, we understand that parenting a child can be challenging. When someone who is too young, unmarried or completely ill-equipped to parent has a baby, the challenges may become overwhelming. This can lead to rash decisions made in the heat of sheer panic.

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