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October 2015 Archives

Man hides money during divorce, court holds him in contempt

Many divorces are so contentious that they go on for years. Sometimes, the fight is over the children. Other times, it's over property or money. It can also be over everything, with the two parties agreeing on nothing. One man in Connecticut's neighboring state of New York has taken the fight to a new level, though.

Understanding Connecticut's property division laws

One often contentious area of divorce is property division. In Connecticut, property division is handled under the laws of equitable division. While this means that each party should end up with an equal amount of property, it doesn't necessary mean that it will be split 50/50. The fair market value of the property is considered. So is whether an asset is considered marital or separate property.

Contentious divorce finally settled for Ken Griffin

It's taken more than a year for Ken Griffin and Anne Dias Griffin to settle what has become a very contentious divorce. After 11 years of marriage, Ken filed for divorce in July 2014. However, the high asset divorce was not settled until this week. According to court documents, the details of the prenup that was signed the night before their wedding was being disputed by Anne. She said that she was coerced into the prenuptial agreement, although Ken says the two discussed the prenup in great detail.

New divorce method makes property division easier in Connecticot

Getting a divorce is always wrenching. You thought that this was a lifetime commitment and somehow that got translated to a shorter time than you first thought. Property division is usually a sticking point. There is now an easier way for some couples to get the issue of property division off the table and the divorce through more simply.

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