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May 2015 Archives

Avoid these mistakes in a high asset Connecticut divorce

When it comes to a high asset divorce, both spouses usually find themselves ticking off things on their to do lists. They want to be certain they have crossed every T and dotted every I, which is of course a wise approach. High net worth divorces have unique complications involving a wide array of financial factors, making the extra attention crucial.

Basic points you should know about child custody in Connecticut

Parents in Connecticut who are contemplating divorce often experience a cascade of stress over how it will affect their children. Divorce issues revolving around children can be extremely emotional, which can turn into a contentious situation if not kept in check. A good way to both lessen these types of reactions while gaining the proper information to lead parents forward in a calm manner is to learn about the basics of child custody in Connecticut.

The effects of shared custody on children

While custody arrangements are often a controversial subject for divorcing Connecticut parents, a recently-published study that was conducted in Sweden shows evidence that children do better when they spend time living with both parents. While it is a commonly-held belief that shared custody arrangements are more stressful to children due to frequent moves, the study showed that this is not necessarily the case. In fact, children in shared custody arrangements showed fewer psychosomatic problems than children who lived exclusively with one parent.

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