What types of compensation might I get from a personal injury lawsuit?

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Every year, thousands of Connecticut drivers end up involved in a car crash. While many wrecks result in only property damage, other motorists do not get out so lucky. Hundreds of drivers and occupants suffer injuries, ranging from mild to severe.

In the aftermath of a crash, many people wonder about filing a lawsuit as a way to get compensation for the injuries they suffered. Here is a brief overview of some of the types of damages that may be awarded as part of a personal injury lawsuit.

Medical bills and expenses

An injury often means medical expenses, and medical bills are not cheap. A personal injury lawsuit may seek compensation for these costs. It can include costs already incurred as a result of the accident, or in some cases consideration for future medical needs stemming from the crash.

Pain and suffering

Simply enduring pain is difficult, and has a severe, negative impact on someone’s life. A crash victim who suffers a serious injury – such as a compound fracture or an internal wound requiring surgery – may be able to get compensation for what they endured.

Lost wages

If you had to take time off work following the crash (maybe because of an injury, or medical appointments related to the incident), you can potentially get compensation. In some cases, if you suffered a life-altering injury, you may be able to argue the crash impacted your long-term earning potential, something the courts could take into consideration.

Emotional distress

It is not uncommon for car crash victims to experience mental anguish following a crash. That could be in the form of something such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), or simply getting nervous when in a car from that point on. These feelings can last for a long time and disrupt your life in significant ways.

Loss of enjoyment

An injury that causes serious, long-term damage – such as a lost limb, or surgery that alters your physical capabilities – makes it harder to simply enjoy your life. While sometimes difficult to quantify, a crash victim can seek damages for this loss of enjoyment.


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