The kind of screen doesn’t reduce the danger of distraction

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Most drivers acknowledge the idea that texting at the wheel is inherently dangerous. However, a shocking number of people fail to generalize that idea and apply it to other screens in their vehicle. A large survey of drivers indicated that while many recognize that texting while driving was dangerous, fewer saw the use of the GPS system as problematic.

As many as 60% of the people in the survey said they might use a GPS system or app on their phone while driving. People also have similarly lax attitudes about the screens installed in the dashboard of their vehicle by the manufacturer. Interacting with any sort of screen results and distraction, which can cause a crash and leave someone injured.

Distraction involves what you do with your eyes, mind and hands

Perhaps people think of GPS navigation systems or the screens built into their vehicle as part of the task of driving itself, which is why they don’t view such actions as dangerous. However, in order to safely manage your motor vehicle, you should have both hands on the wheel, your eyes monitoring the road around you and your mind fully focused on the task at hand.

Whether you start adjusting the address in the GPS app on your phone or scroll through your satellite radio channels on the screen in your dash, your focus isn’t on driving. Adult drivers need to be aware that any screen they interact with while driving increases their risk. They should also ensure that any teen drivers in their family are explicitly informed of these risks as well.


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