Why drunk driving continues to be such a dangerous risk on the road

| Mar 2, 2020 | Personal Injury |

Drunk driving has been illegal for almost as long as cars have been a mainstream part of American life. The effects of alcohol on the human body simply make it impossible for people to safely drive with alcohol in their system.

Despite public awareness campaigns reaching back decades, drunk driving accidents still occur with some frequency. If you find yourself wondering why so many drunk drivers choose to get behind the wheel after drinking, you might be surprised to learn that they don’t realize they have made a bad decision at the time that they get in the car. 

People under the influence of alcohol are bad at guessing their own impairment

If you speak to someone under the influence of alcohol, that person will likely have an elevated sense of confidence and decreased concern about risks. They will also struggle to accurately quantify their own degree of impairment. Quite a few people who get behind the wheel after drinking do so because they actually think they are under the legal limit and therefore safe to drive.

There is also a subset of the population that drinks so frequently that they believe they are capable of driving safely while under the influence. This could possibly be due to their perception of having enough experience driving while drunk or their belief that they handle alcohol better than other people do.

Despite no evidence supporting this belief, some people with drinking problems will think that the frequency with which they consume alcohol makes it safer for them to drive after doing so. Unfortunately, these individuals can and do cause crashes that result in personal injury, property damage or even death.

If you have been injured by an impaired driver, you have the right to seek civil redress for your injuries and other damages.


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