Mistakes after a car accident

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When someone is liable for your injuries in a car accident, that does not mean that you a guaranteed to receive compensation. The actions you take following the accident can define how much you earn from the settlement if anything at all. There are many everyday mistakes a victim can do without even knowing they are doing it.

Car accidents can cost a victim of disabling injuries more than $60,000. A single mistake can keep a victim from earning the compensation they need for their best possible recovery. So, what are the mistakes someone can make?


After an accident, it can be a reflex to say “I’m sorry” to the other driver. Even if a victim is trying to kind, the other party can use your apology against you to hold you liable for the accident. The less you say to the other driver, the better.

Not gathering evidence

If possible, a victim needs to gather as much evidence of an accident as possible. Taking photos and videos of the scene, collecting audio testimony, and contact information of witnesses can make a considerable improvement in your injury claim.

Not seeing a doctor

Even if a victim was able to walk away from the accident, they need to see a doctor immediately. A doctor visit will create a benchmark that confirms your health immediately following an accident, and allows a court to see how your injuries progress.

Going along with the insurance company

Insurance companies want to save as much as possible in every claim against them. This business mentality often translates as offering victims low-ball offers for their injuries and damages. Insurance companies will also try to convince victims that they do not need a lawyer, as they only make things more complicated.

Not getting a lawyer

Insurance companies and liable parties are not on your side in your pursuit of compensation. The victim can only trust the attorney they hire to defend their best interests. Attorneys can negotiate for fair compensation, talk to the defendant on behalf of the victim, and help the victim avoid other mistakes that can cost them thousands of dollars.


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