Will social media end your marriage?

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Social media does have a lot of benefits. It connects people, it makes planning events easy, it provides vast access to information and much more. Something that was once only really popular with young people, it is now used by nearly everyone — from the middle schooler with a smartphone to the grandfather with a desktop computer. 

That said, it also has downsides. One is that it can lead to divorce. A few ways that it does this is by:

  • Causing jealousy between two partners
  • Making cheating easier since the two parties have a simple way to communicate 
  • Giving rise to “virtual cheating”
  • Making it so that couples spend so much time online that they don’t spend time together
  • Leading to arguments about usage rates or things posted online
  • Encouraging people to hide their accounts or log in details
  • Raising doubts in the marriage

In many cases, the use can lead to doubts and jealousy even when nothing happened. Say your spouse refuses to tell you their password. That’s already a red flag that makes you question why. Because of it, when they leave their phone unlocked, you check their messages. 

In those messages, they’ve been texting with an ex. There is no evidence of an affair and they haven’t said anything to suggest one, but seeing these daily texts to someone they used to care about still hurts. It may make you wonder if they’re planning to get back together or it may make you question how they feel about you. 

A lot of couples report social media habits having a negative impact on their marriages. If this happens to you, be sure you know what options you have


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