Is it too soon for me to file for divorce?

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When your marriage is on the rocks, it’s inevitable that you will consider whether divorce is in your future. There will likely be two parts of you in disagreement: One part of you will remind you of the person you were when you said your marriage vows. The other part of you will think of your future happiness and the fact that life is short.

It is important that you do what is right to ensure the happiness and well-being of yourself and your children. If you have got to a place where you truly believe that divorce will lead you to a happier life, it is important that you begin taking action toward that goal. However, you should not act spontaneously or before you have fully prepared. There are many aspects to a divorce; therefore, a successful filing means doing your homework and putting plans in place. The following is an overview of what you should do before filing for a divorce.

Make sure you’ll have no regrets

If you have recently found out that your spouse has been unfaithful or if you have just had a fiery argument, it is likely that you are currently in a heightened emotional state. You should not let your temporary emotions decide your future permanently. This is not the right time to file for divorce. Taking the time to weigh your options and ensuring that you’ll have no regrets is the best way forward.

Make sure that you have accessible funds

Announcing to your spouse that you are filing for divorce may cause them to act in unexpected ways. For example, they may try to remove you from joint accounts, meaning that you won’t have access to funds. Make sure that you have funds in an individual account before filing.

If you are unhappy in your marriage but you’re not sure whether you are acting too quickly to file for divorce, take action to understand your options.


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