Autumn homecoming events pose dangers for teens

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If it is late September or October in Hartford, that’s a sure sign that it’s time for homecoming activities to take place. Most teens accept that this year’s festivities may be modified some, but ultimately, the show must go on.

Parents can understandably be worried that their teens may be placed in harm’s way while participating in the homecoming football game or on their way to or from the dance later that night. Read on for tips to keep your teenager safer on their special night.

The transportation arrangements

The problem of allowing teenage drivers who are newly licensed to drive to the homecoming dance is that they are inexperienced with driving at night. While only experience can bring change their status, driving to the homecoming is a night that can be fraught with dangers they would not typically face.

There will be a great number of young, inexperienced drivers on the road as your teen heads from the game to dinner and the dance and maybe even an after-party. You could reduce the drive-time involved by offering to host a dinner party for your teen and their friends.

Getting real about alcohol use

Teen drinking is illegal and can lead to many instances of bad judgment. That being said, the older your teenager is, the more likely that at some point in their high school career, they will be offered alcohol and/or drugs.

What you want to stress is that your teen should make the right decision about never drinking and driving or riding with someone who has been imbibing. Calling you to come to get them or providing them with a credit card for an Uber is prudent.

If your child is involved in an accident

Given the number of unsupervised young drivers out for one night, it is possible that your child could have the misfortune of being struck by another vehicle. Being their advocate and seeking guidance after an accident is secondary only to their getting the needed medical treatment.


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