Will child support cover college in Connecticut?

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What you pay or receive in child support will have a major impact on your budget. If you need to help support your children, the courts expect you to meet your child support obligations before almost any other financial responsibilities. If you are the one who receives child support, you need that money to take care of your children.

Few expenses that parents have to cover are as costly as a college education. Children will have few resources of their own to cover tuition and other costs, and federal student aid considers the parents’ income when determining what a child might receive. 

Will Connecticut child support potentially continue into a child’s college years? 

Yes, child support can sometimes last through college

Although child support usually ends when a child turns 18 or graduates from high school, that isn’t always the case. 

If the children in your family are college-bound, the courts could order support that lasts after high school. It can cover education-related expenses but only until the child turns 23.

The parents can also negotiate an agreement to cover college expenses that is separate from the child support program. 

For example, your divorce settlement might include provisions that the better off parent will pay all tuition and living expenses if your child decides to attend college or pursue a Masters. Even when you do not have an agreement in place, there is nothing to stop either of you from supporting your child as long as you wish.

Understanding the rules that guide child support in Connecticut can result in more realistic expectations in a divorce.




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