Getting in a car accident could cause you to get divorced

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When you get into a car accident, you’re probably not thinking about the state of your marriage. But the truth is that these two things could be very closely intertwined.

This means that, on top of dealing with all of the other costs of the accident and the injuries you’ve suffered, you could also end up dealing with the end of your marriage. How could this happen?

Serious health issues increase divorce odds

First of all, it has been found many times that couples who are facing serious health issues have a statistically greater chance of getting divorced. This doesn’t mean that a lot of them don’t make it together, keeping the marriage intact while they help one another, but just that it’s more likely for them to split up than if no one had become injured or ill. If you are paralyzed in the accident, for instance, then your spouse may start to feel like they’ve become nothing but a caretaker and that they don’t want to be married to you anymore.

Additionally, one thing that has been linked to divorce time and time again is the presence of financial troubles. When you have financial stress, the marriage suffers. If you have been seriously injured in that car accident and you are facing long-term costs, what type of toll is that going to take on you as a couple?

These issues show why it’s so important to know how to seek proper compensation after a car accident, and they also show why you may need to know about your legal rights when you’re facing a divorce.


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