Pay close attention to your vehicle’s blind spots 

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Visibility is pivotal in staying safe on the roadways across Connecticut. Side mirrors, rearview mirrors and cameras do offer increased visibility, but it is impossible for everything to be covered at all times. 

Blind spots are the areas surrounding your car that you simply cannot see. In these areas, it can be difficult to spot hazards, obstacles, other vehicles and pedestrians. There are a number of situations where you should pay special attention to blind spots, as doing so could just prevent a catastrophic accident. 

When reversing

Rear blind spots are especially dangerous. In fact, research shows that thousands of injuries, as well as hundreds of fatalities, are caused by collisions when a vehicle is backing up. The quality of your view when reversing largely depends on how big your vehicle is. Commercial vehicles tend to have very narrow rearview windows, and in some cases, there will be no rearview window at all. Technology such as backing up cameras can help to combat this issue, but there is also no harm in leaving the vehicle and walking around to ensure that the path is clear before reversing. 

Changing lanes

A significant proportion of collisions in the U.S. occur when vehicles are changing lanes. If a vehicle is in a blind spot when another road user opts to change lanes, they run the risk of being sideswiped. For this reason, it is essential that drivers double-check their blind spot areas before making a maneuver. 

As a driver in Connecticut, it is vital to protect yourself. Having an awareness of blind spots will facilitate this process. If you have been caught up in a collision, there may be a legal route to obtain compensation for any injuries you have suffered. 


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